Local programs help keep teens out of trouble

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It seems many of the recent crimes around the Indianapolis area are committed by teens and young adults.  So, what are the root causes?

One man who knows better than most is spending is life in prison for a murder he committed when he was only 13 years old.  Eyewitness News reporter Anne Ryder shared his story Monday night on the Nightbeat.  One of the issues Ron Sanford cited was having too much unsupervised time on his hands.  Sanford says, "Trouble was after school between the street lights coming on, so when school was over, here we go."

So what are the options for local teens?  One place for teenagers to have fun and stay out of trouble is the Boys and Girls Club.  Rick Whitten is the Executive Director there:  "It's important to keep kids engaged in high-energy activities."  Whitten says they have many programs, including learning how to swim, that keep kids interested. 

Whitten says there is such a huge need for child-to-adult interactions, so these kids have a mentor to look up to and learn from as they get older. 

Places like the Boys and Girls Club need your help with funding some of these important programs.  To learn more about the types of summer programs for children and how you can get your kids signed up, check out the Marion County Commission on Youth Activity Directory under the "Hot Topics" section of our website, or click here.