Local parents react to school shooting

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For parents, grappling with a tragedy like the one that took place in Connecticut brings their level of sadness to another level.

Putting themselves in the place of those parents in Newtown who lost their children is unimaginable.

Parents are feeling sadness and shock as they struggle to wrap their minds around this horrific event, and then figure out how they're going to restore a sense of security for their children.

"You have to wonder if your children are even safe anymore," said parent Johnnie Mickle.

"I'm paranoid, I guess," said Abigail Robeson, who's also a parent.

"It is a tragedy," said Phil Talbert.

Talbert is the principal at Hawthorne Elementary School. He considers the schools 400 students his own, making the tragedy in Connecticut hit very close to home.

"It's sad anytime this transpires, whether it's in a mall, movie theater, and particularly when it's in a school," Talbert said. "It's just devastating and our heart goes out to them for this tragedy."

As parents in Newtown rushed to the school today to check on the safety of their children, parents in Indianapolis were anxious to just see theirs.

"Definitely give them a big hug and kiss," said parent Carissa Dollar. "They're probably not going to even know anything about this yet when I see them. Hopefully, they're not going to think mom is crazy when I won't let go of them."

After that hug and kiss will come the difficult questions and concerns about their school creating the need to restore a sense of safety that's been violently shaken.

"Just reassuring them that the people at the front counter do everything they can to keep those who shouldn't be in out," said Christi Waggoner, a parent.

"The impact that it's going to put on the country as a whole, said Mickle. "So many people trust their children will go to school, get a good education, learn how to play, learn how to share, learn how to get along and then become victims."

There will be a lot of serious talks in homes across the region and nation Friday night. Many of them tempered with plenty of hugs and prayers as this country moves forward from a horrific day.