Local officers share fun day at Indiana State Fair

(Photo: Twitter/Michael Pruitt)
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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) -- Everyone loves the state fair, including the officers who are out and about every day keeping visitors safe.

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer John Perrine and Wayne Township Fire Public Information Officer Michael Pruitt got together to give some safety tips and have some fun. They documented all of it on Twitter.

The day started with the two officers going live on Periscope outside the swine barn reminding visitors of tips to remember to stay safe.

Tip number one: stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and wear a hat. The weather may be relatively mild for this time of year, but there are still dangers if you're not taking precautions.

Tip number two: no weapons allowed. Leave the guns at home.

Tip number three: if you're at the fair with children, take a photo when you get there in case you get separated. In this case, Pruitt posed for the perfect picture in case he ever got separated from Perrine.

Perrine, known for his fun use of emojis, riddled his tweets with the characters throughout the day.

Their first stop was inside the expo hall to check out some hot tubs.

Something tells us that would have been more relaxing if there were actually water in there.

Then the pair headed over to the fun and games.

Perrine took the win, but Pruitt said he was just being kind.

Both tried their (Andrew) Luck at tossing some footballs into a target. We hopefully won't see either of them taking snaps in Lucas Oil any time soon.

It looks like the pair had a fun-filled day at the fairgrounds just like the rest of the visitors.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Pruitt and Perrine often tweet in jest at one another, reminding followers their jobs have lighter moments. Follow Pruitt on Twitter here, and Perrine here.