Local man creates video tribute

The video uses a Train song as its soundtrack.

A local man has put together a special tribute video about the State Fair tragedy. The video includes music by the group Train which raised big money at Conseco Fieldhouse Thursday night.

Train will arrive sometime this morning at Conseco Fieldhouse to set up for tonight's concert which is expected to raise half a million dollars. The video features Train and the group's song "Look up at the Sky."

Steve Huffman of Indianapolis usually edits home videos for his family and friends. After seeing the State Fair tragedy and how so many Hoosiers come to the rescue he put together this tribute. It took Huffman about three hours. The video features some of the most emotional moments of the stage accident.

Huffman chose a song by Train which will donate all concert proceeds tonight to the State Fair Victims Remembrance Fund.

See the video here.

"I make videos from here to there for personal family trips and that kind of stuff and I often use Train," said Huffman. "So when I found out that Train was the band that was going to be helping with the tribute concert, giving all their fees etc. to do that, I started looking to see what kind of Train song kind of makes sense."

The Train and Maroon 5 concert is at 7 o'clock tonight at Conseco Fieldhouse. There are some tickets available for 35, 45 and 55 dollars.

Everyone working at the fieldhouse for the concert is donating their time by volunteering.
That includes the set up crews, security and ushers.