Local Iraqi families scared and heartbroken

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The fighting in Iraq is hitting the hearts of Iraqi families living here in central Indiana.

They are watching, hoping and, at the same time, fearing their loved ones won't escape the violence.

Ali Haddad admits he's now a news junkie. At every chance, he's checking his laptop or phone for news from his home.

"Of course I am afraid," he said. "Those insurgents have nothing to lose. They are self-sacrificing."

And they appear to be winning their battle to overrun Iraq.

"There will be genocide against the minorities. That's what happened in Mosul," Haddad explained. "They evicted all the Christians now they are killing Yazidis the same will happen when they go to Baghdad."

That's where most of his family lives. He keeps up with them on Facebook.

"They tell us they don't know where to go. 'What will happen to us?'," he said. "Like other Iraqis who left Mosul, they flee to nowhere. They escape, they run away, there is nowhere to go."

Haddad, his wife and young child left Iraq two years ago. He was a civil engineer for the U.S. Army. Now, he's works for Exodus Refugee, a non-profit helping immigrants settle in to America.

Haddad and other Iraqis believe U.S airstrikes are too late and won't be enough to stop Insurgents of Islamic State - often called "ISIS."

"ISIS, they just want to kill everyone," he said with a tone that became more serious. "They want to build their state on the skeletons of the Iraqis."

A thought so horrifying Haddad says sleep brings only nightmares.