Local impact of government shutdown


If the government does shut down, it will mean some federal workers would go on furlough, federal loans would be frozen, gun permits would come to a halt and some government checks delayed. 

Eyewitness News checked in with some people who could be impacted the most.

Kristine Kelly is trying to make the most out of dreary situation.

"I'm recently divorced and it's a lot to take care of," said Kelly.

But, while she is selling one house hoping to downsize to a smaller one, she's learning the government may be close to a shutdown.  That would put all of her plans on hold.

"It's just really scary," said Kelly.

Scary because one of the things that could suffer is federal loans.  That would also hurt the housing market and realtor Judy Koehler's ability to make a living.

"We've had a lot of new buyers in the market place and FHA and VA loans, which are government-backed loans help the new buyer because they need less down payment," said Koehler.

"Now it affects me because people who would be buying my home aren't going to because there's no loans right now. It's unstable," said Kelly.

And if Kristine were lucky enough to sell, she'd still be stuck unable to secure the FHA loan she would need to buy.

But, real estate, including mortgage loans even small business loans backed by the federal government are just the tip of the iceberg of concern when it comes to the thought of a government shutdown.

"I feel the government, both sides are acting like a little 2-year-old.  If I don't get my way, I shut up and throw my tantrum," said Gabriela Redding, Lawrence resident.

There's a lot of worry in the town of Lawrence where the Bean Center is located it's the U.S. Military's financial headquarters and employs an estimated 6000 civilian and military employees.  While Congress pledges active military workers won't be furloughed, it's unclear how people here would be affected.

"My biggest concern is that yeah, Americans are going to get caught in the middle," said Tymika Payne, Lawrence resident

Making the looming threat that much harder for Americans to accept.