Local health food retailer Earth Fare coming to Greenwood

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If you're looking for organic food on the south side, you've got a new option.

Hyper-local health food retailer Earth Fare is opening its new location in Greenwood Wednesday. The North Carolina-based company has had stores in Noblesville and Carmel for years, but the new location could save you some gas.

"I think what people may have looked for before this was actually trips to the north side," said Amanda Arnet, marketing coordinator for the new store. "We actually had a lot of Greenwood customers up at our Noblesville and Carmel locations for the past two years now and so those customers are really going to be looking for something right in their back yard."

Earth Fare products designated "local" are made within 100 miles of the store's location. That means some goods available on the north side may not be carried in Greenwood and vice versa.

The opening comes just a month after Fresh Thyme Farmers Market opened on U.S. 31 in Greenwood, just down the road from Earth Fare's location.

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