Local group is crossing party lines

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Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Fishers - One group out of Hamilton County watched John McCain's acceptance speech even though they are crossing party lines.

They describe themselves as 'Republicans for Obama' knowing they are the minority in a Republican strong hold like Hamilton County, but say it doesn't bother them.

One Hoosier, Chuck Lasker, has voted Republican in every presidential election, but this time around he is raising some eyebrows - he wears a 'Republicans for Obama' pin all the time.

The group has come together, making not only buttons, but bumper stickers.

They're numbers in central Indiana are small, a little over two dozen, and mostly from Hamilton County. But Lasker believes the numbers are growing, even in secret, "they find out I'm a Republican for Obama and they say you know I'm going to vote for Obama too, but they won't tell their family."

Another member of the group, Melissa Achtien says, "they say we cannot have another four years of where we've been going."

Some like Melissa Achtien used to support John McCain, but "the McCain now, how he's embracing his very conservative side, that doesn't appeal to me anymore."

But a different group of Hamilton County Republicans aren't worried and they say Vice Presidential Nominee Sara Palin is one of the reasons why. "She just hasn't energized the women in the Republican party, She's energized everybody," says Hamilton County Republican Chairman Charlie White.

"We've had people coming into the Hamilton County Republican headquarters asking for McCain Palin bumper stickers, yard signs even hours after he announced," says Republican Megan Umlauf.

"Anyone alleged Republican who is for Obama, is either not a Republican, but they are into more form than substance," says White. "If you can fit 'em in a couple of mini-vans, its not a movement."

But Republicans for Obama say the GOP supporters may be surprised come November 4th, "it's going to be a lot more than a mini-van," says Lasker.