Local churches feed the homeless on Christmas morning


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Hoosiers helping the homeless--even on Christmas Day. Volunteers got up early today to make a home-cooked breakfast and meet the physical and spiritual needs of those with nowhere else to go.

Eyewitness news reporter Carrie Cline spent the morning at Christ Church Cathedral where warm hoosier hospitality was on full display.

It's a warm and cozy morning here in the parish hall at Christ Church Cathedral--an opportunity for those living outside on the streets to come inside for some Christmas cheer.

The kitchen opened early on Christmas morning at Christ Church Cathedral.

There were eggs to scramble, creamy oatmeal to cook and warm coffee to brew.

The special guests were the homeless.

"It's a day where so many of us are used to celebrating and our guests who are experiencing homelessness may not have that some opportunity, so we wanted to bring something special, something good to them," said Father Lee Curtis, Christ Church Cathedral.

Mark Smith knows what this extra care means to those living on the streets. He used to live that life.

"I spent a few nights under a few bridges and slept in an elevator in a parking garage," said Smith.

But, Smith says hitting rock bottom had it's purpose.

"I've always had a passion for homeless people, but I needed to understand," said Smith.

But, so many here are still on that journey not looking for a hand out, but a hand up.

"It's nice of them to do that," said David Easter, homeless.

It's a partnership between Christ Church Cathedral and Cornerstone Lutheran Church to provide breakfast and these warming packages to go.

"They each have a warm blanket, hat, wool socks and gloves in them," said Easter.

"We will stay warm. Yep. We will stay warm," Easter continued.

And after volunteers finish meeting their physical needs, they meet their spiritual needs during this special Christmas service.

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