Local church raises $5K with weekend shred-it fundraising event

Four people, including an unborn child, were killed in the 2013 crash.
Almost one year ago, a church bus crashed at 465 and Keystone, taking the lives of three adults and an unborn child. The bus was returning from summer camp that day.

On Saturday, Colonial Hills Baptist Church reached out for help, holding a paper-shredding fundraiser to raise money for a new bus. They processed 825 pounds of material, saving seven trees. After a matching donation from Money Concepts Capital, the church will have raised just over $5,000 for the Colonial Hills Chad/Courtney Bus Replacement Fund.

Rob Moritz's two sons were on the bus that crashed July 27, 2013.

"Avery was actually trapped under the bus. My older son, Alex, who was helping people out of the bus discovered him and one of his friends underneath... Stayed under there and prayed with him until the EMTs and first responders arrived," Moritz said.

Almost a year later, Rob's sons are recovering in body and mind. The church is also moving forward.

"I just kind of view it as one more step in the process," Moritz said.

Most of the people shredding on Saturday didn't belong to the church. It was simply a convenient way to drop off old stuff. In the process, however, they helped a church in need get something new.

"Trials will test your faith, but it will make it stronger," Moritz said.

Colonial Hills Baptist Church will have a remembrance service in the 10:45 a.m. service on Sunday, July 27 the one-year anniversary of the accident, and the day after teens return from this year's camp. The church family will take a special offering for the bus replacement fund. If you would like more information, it would be best to contact the church office at (317) 253-5597.

A new bus will cost the church about $100,000. Saturday's shred-it fundraiser was the latest in a string of fundraisers held throughout the year to gradually build toward that goal.