List of locations where measles patients visited

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The Indiana State Health Department released this list of locations showing where people who later developed measles visited.

All individuals who think they may have been exposed are encouraged to check their immunization status with their health care provider.

The State Health Department says individuals may have been exposed to measles at the following places and dates.

· Delphi Electronics & Safety, Kokomo (Possible exposure ranges from Feb. 1 through Feb. 9)

· Hartley Funeral Home, Cicero (Jan. 25 and Jan. 26)

· Kroger, W. Logan St., Noblesville (Feb. 10)

· Wal-mart, Clover Rd., Noblesville (Feb. 10)

· College Park Church, Indianapolis (Jan. 1, Jan. 15, ongoing)

· Indianapolis Grace Ethiopian Church/Westlake Community Church, Indianapolis (Jan. 8)

· Noblesville Intermediate School (Feb. 9) and White River Elementary School (Feb. 13).

· Ivy Tech Community College, Anderson Campus  (Jan. 26, Jan. 31, and Feb. 2)

· A number of health care clinics in Zionsville, Fishers, and Noblesville, (multiple dates in Jan. and Feb.) including:
o Saint Vincent Primary Care clinics
o IU Primary Care clinics, and
o A Community Hospital Immediate Care Center

· Super Bowl Village, Indianapolis (Feb. 3)
o The State Health Department has confirmed measles in a second individual who traveled to Super Bowl Village on Feb. 3, from approximately 3-10 p.m. Both confirmed cases were together at all times and therefore the risk of exposure has not increased from initial reports.
o As previously reported by health officials, individuals visited the following locations while in downtown Indianapolis: Rock Bottom, Starbucks on the Circle, Colts Pro Shop in Lucas Oil Stadium, and the Huddle, as well as walked around the Super Bowl Village area. Marion County Public Health Department officials have followed up each of these venues.
o No additional cases of measles have been reported as a result of this exposure. The Indiana State Department of Health has notified state health departments in New York and Massachusetts of the potential exposure.

The Indiana State Department of Health has established a hotline to help answer questions from the general public. The hotline service will be available beginning tomorrow, February 15, 2012.
· The hotline number is 1-877-826-0011 (TTY/TTD 1-888-561-0044).
· State Health Department staff will be on-hand during the hours of 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday to answer questions.
· Note: Immunization status cannot be verified through this hotline. Individuals unsure of vaccination status are encouraged to contact your health care provider, as they have access to the Indiana Immunization Registry.