Liquor store clerk shoots and kills man


For the third time in as many weeks, a store clerk has shot and killed a robbery suspect.

In the middle of the morning Saturday, police say 27-year-old Warren Pope walked into an east side Liquor Store and tried to steal some liquor. When police were called, Pope had been shot.

Why Pope had come to the store and what happened exactly while he was inside, is still being investigated by police.

We know that Pope worked at McDonald's. One of his managers came down to the liquor store to see what happened. Warren Pope, according to co-workers, was not the kind of guy that went looking for trouble. He was known as protective and quite.

"He was a good man. He had a good heart. I worked with him, he was very protective of woman and he was just a good man," said Pope's manager.

But the man described as a good man found trouble according to police when one of the employees of the store, 54-year-old Bryan Stonebraker is believed to have shot Pope.

Pope, according to police, was trying to steal liquor and before he could get outside of the store he was stopped and a fight started.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police Public Information Officer Michael Hewitt, "It appears he (Pope) had the manager down on the ground and the store clerk come to the aid of the manager, and during the struggle the suspect was shot."

Police say Pope died in the parking lot. Detectives from the IMPD homicide unit are leading the investigation. Their findings will be turned over to the Marion County Prosecutors office for possible charges.