Linton Police say teen died of asphyxiation

Katelyn Wolfe (Photo: Greene County Daily World)
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Police say a 19-year-old girl found dead in a rural area of western Indiana died of asphyxiation.

Katelyn Wolfe disappeared early last Thursday morning. Monday evening, conservation officers found her body near the Greene-Sullivan county line.

An autopsy performed Tuesday determined the cause of Wolfe's death.

Two men, Randal E. Crosley, 26, and Jordan W. Buskirk, 25, were arrested on preliminary murder charges in Wolfe's death. Both men are married with children, living in nearby Jasonville.

Police are not yet saying how Wolfe and the men met. Wolfe's parents said this weekend that one of the last Facebook posts Katelyn made was about a car following her.

Eyewitness News has also learned investigators are looking at both the young woman's and the two suspects' cell phone records.

Although the arrests of Crosley and Buskirk were a surprise to family and friends of the two men, police had their eyes on the pair all along.

"These two persons were persons of interest early on in the investigation and we are still following that through," said Linton Police Chief Troy Jerrell.

Residents of the tight-knit community were shocked by the news.

"I went to school with the girl," said William Murphy. "Knowing that she was a good girl and you think that something like this would never happen. It just blows someone's mind when this happens in a small town like this."

Wolfe has been missing since the early morning hours last Thursday. Investigators said they have no reason to believe Wolfe ran away.

Her family said several clues had them worried.

"My gut feeling is that someone got a hold of her," said Katelyn's father, Eric Wolfe, on Friday. "She's just so small and wouldn't be able to do anything about it if they did. She weighs 110 pounds and is 5'2"."

Like any normal father, Wolfe feared the worst for his missing daughter. Especially because police said the nature of her disappearance was suspicious.

Police are unsure why Wolfe left the home at the early hour, but her family said the entire situation is unusual. "This is not her character. She stays in touch with me, which she hasn't," Eric Wolfe said the day after his daughter disappeared.

Her family said Wolfe's phone records add to their concern.

"She hasn't had any outgoing phone calls or text messages since 3:02 a.m. when she went missing," said Laura Wolfe, Katelyn's stepmother.

Her parents also said there were no signs to show Katelyn planned on leaving.

"She didn't take anything, she didn't take any clothes or makeup. If she went to stay with a friend, she would've taken that with her," Eric Wolfe said Friday. "It's hard for me not to think that she's already gone. It's really hard for me not to think that."

"We miss her and we want her to come home and she's not in trouble. We're not mad at her, we just want her back," Laura Wolfe said Friday.

Fund for funeral expenses

Eric Wolfe is selling his artwork to help pay for his daughter's funeral expenses. The artwork is being displayed at a Linton coffee shop, where people can buy it to help support the family or make donations to the Katelyn Wolfe Fund at any Regions Bank branch.