Linton murder suspects plead not guilty; Suspect's father apologizes

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A tearful apology came Friday from the father of one of the two men charged with killing a teenage girl.

Police found the body of 19-year-old Katelyn Wolfe, of Linton, Indiana in a rural lake earlier this week.

Friday, Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley, the men accused of murdering her, appeared in Greene County superior court.

As her accused murderers were taken into court, victim Katelyn Wolfe's family privately dealt with their pain.

"They're functioning as well as can be expected," said Denise York, manager at Linton's Francisco De Borja coffee shop.

The small community of Linton is raising money for the 19-year-old's funeral, through selling her father's artwork on the walls, donations and a lemonade stand.

They've collected more than $3,000 so far.

Community members say they're sharing support for her family and a desire for strong punishment for the men who took her life.

"That was just cruel and inhumane for... They're supposed to be married family men, to do this to another person. It's awful," York said.

Meanwhile, outside the Greene County courtroom, there was an outpouring of emotion from the father of one of the suspects.

Gilbert Buskirk broke down in tears.

"Anybody that knows Jordan knows he couldn't do this," Buskirk said.

He also apologized to the victim's family.

"I wish he could have stopped it. I wish I could have. I swear to God! If I would have known I would have stopped it. I am so sorry for their loss," he said.

Police say his son, 26-year-old Jordan Buskirk, along with 25-year-old Randal Crosely, admitted to killing Katelyn Wolfe.

Prosecutors say they planned to rape and murder someone for a week and she became their target.

They're accused of using drugs with Katelyn, choking her, duct-taping her mouth and head, and strangling her with a rope.

Conservation officers discovered her body anchored down with a 20-pound weight in a rural Sullivan County lake.

After the murder, prosecutors say the suspects sent text messages from Katelyn's phone and updated her Facebook page in an attempt to hide the killing and throw off investigators.

Friday, a judge entered a not guilty plea on Buskirk and Crosley's behalf.

Because of the brutal nature of the crime, the prosecutor could consider the death penalty.

"The investigation is ongoing, as they all are. But at this time, I'm not going to speak about the death penalty or life without parole," said Greene County prosecutor Jarrod Holtsclaw.

"I don't think any amount of punishment that the law allows can be done to these guys," York said.

Right now, the men face up to 140 years in prison.

They're due back in court August 5th.

The following are links to the probable cause affidavits against Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley. These documents contain graphic descriptions of their alleged crimes and may be disturbing to some readers.