Lingering power outages testing homeowners' patience


Thousands of customers remain without power Tuesday night.

IPL says crews are working to restore electricity to about 9,700 remaining customers. Those efforts could go into Thursday morning.

Duke Energy is in better shape tonight, with just under 400 without power statewide.

Without power, Frank Murphy can't do a thing.

"You ain't got no lights. No hot water. You can't cook. You can't wash dishes," said Murphy, frustrated.

For thousands like Murphy across central Indiana, though, that's not even the half of it.

"It's below zero. That's the most horrible thing it is," explained Murphy, referencing the past two days of sub zero temperatures.

Still, Murphy's been patient, sticking it out inside his Bolton Avenue home since losing power Sunday afternoon.

"I was just thinking something's going to give," he explained of why he stayed put.

Finally though, Tuesday, still without power or heat, the something that gave, was Murphy.

"I'm still thinking mine would be on sooner or later," he explained.

"They 'aint showed up yet.  Later 'aint come.  Sooner ain't come," Murphy added."I've been sticking it out, but I ain't doing it no more. I'm gone today."

Murphy has been raising his seven grandchildren.  They left Monday to stay with a relative for safety.

"I just wouldn't want them in this environment," said Murphy who decided to stay put because he never expected it to take days to get his power back on.

"I ain't seen a truck in the area or nothing,since this happened," said Murphy.

"Ain't nothing changed," he added.

Nothing, he said, but the temperature outside.

"This is the thermostat and see right now its on 41 degrees," said Murphy.

At one point, it got so cold in Murphy's house that when he shook his living room curtains, snow and ice fell onto his carpet.

That's when Murphy decided enough was enough.

"It's pretty rough. Who wants to do it? I mean, it's miserable," said Murphy.

After all, there are only so many layers a person can stand.

"I got on long johns, 2 pair of socks. I had a sweat shirt on and I was still getting cold in the bed," he said.

So Tuesday, Frank decided to find somewhere else to lay his head.

"I'm gonna find me a motel room to stay in for the night," said Murphy.

He's just waiting for his power to come back on, along with thousands of others.

"They said there was 30,000 people that didn't have no power," said Murphy, referring to the numbers of customers that were effected.

Murphy said he knows he's not alone.

These past few days though, he feels like it.

"It look like I'm gonna be the last one," said Murphy of having his power restored.