Lilly, Red Cross providing typhoon relief

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Relief workers are trying to get more food, water and medicine to survivors of the massive typhoon in the Philippines. Thousands of people are still missing and the recovery efforts are slow, but moving forward.

A United Nations humanitarian official says there are problems getting much-needed supplies into the devastated eastern Philippines because there are no trucks and roads are closed.

People are so desperate for drinking water that they've dug up water pipes and broken them to get water. They don't know if the water's safe to drink, but it's all they have.

The United Nations says over 660,000 people have been displaced by the typhoon and many have no access to drinking water, food or medicine.

The typhoon hit November 8 and is now considered the most powerful storm ever recorded.

The Philippine president says the death toll from the massive storm may be lower than first thought. The latest estimate is down to 2,500 from 10-thousand.

The UN says more than 11-million people are believed to have been affected.

Locally, Eli Lilly is making a large donation to relief efforts. And they say they will donate medicine, if asked.

The Indianapolis Chapter of the Red Cross is not sending any volunteers, but they are collecting money through our WTHR Cares Website.