Lilly announces $140M expansion of insulin manufacturing operations

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Eli Lilly is investing $140 million to expand its insulin manufacturing operations in Indianapolis.

Company leaders say construction will begin immediately on an 80,000-square-foot facility. The pharmaceutical giant will produce a type of insulin that comes in a cartridge.

"These cartridges are used in both a disposable and a reusable type of a pen. This is a very easy way for a patient with diabetes to do an injection," said Maria Crowe, Eli Lilly president of manufacturing.

"It's a significant testament to our commitment to bio-pharmaceutical innovation, our commitment to Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, and most importantly our commitment to patients who are dealing with and struggling with this tenacious disease," said John Lehcleiter, Eli Lilly CEO.

Lilly will need 350 workers to build the facility and will staff the plant with 100 technicians, scientists and engineers when it opens in March 2014.