Lightning strike starts house fire, damaging 2 homes

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A lightning strike is believed to be the cause of a fire that damaged two homes Saturday evening, forcing the evacuation of a family of three.

Kelly Ducking told firefighters that she was having the perfect Mother’s Day before she heard a loud boom, her power went out and neighbors alerted her that her house was on fire. Kelly and her two children evacuated and called 911.

Residents in the Treyburn Lakes subdivision said a brief storm with heavy rain, lightning and hail went through the area and the loud booms made for a few scary moments.

The family has insurance on the home. They will stay with relatives for the time being.

A second house was damaged by the heat of the fire. It was unoccupied at the time - though a family of three does live there - and was only damaged on the outside.

Firefighters found a hole in the roof area above the garage where they believe lightning hit the home. The homeowner was following up with her insurance and an electrician.

Damage was estimated at $65,000 for both homes.