Light rain, clouds do nothing to dampen NASCAR fans' excitement

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Fans enjoyed the Brickyard 400 Sunday despite the ever-changing weather.

When it was all said and done, the sunshine won out - just like Jeff Gordon. In fact, a Gordon fan playing his harmonica Saturday in the Coke lot outside the track predicated that very outcome.

"Golden Rainbow Warrior, he's going to drive to victory lane," the man sang. "He hittin' the gas pedal like he insane....Number 24 gonna do it like he did before."

Less than 24 hours later, the Jeff Gordon fan on the harmonica turned out to be right.

Racing fans were glad, though, when it came to the forecast predicting rain - that wasn't the case.

"They said we were going to get a 40 percent chance of rain to begin with," said Zach Saigon from Saint Louis, Mo.

Early in the day, grey skies flirted with the horizon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, suggesting rain might be part of this year's Brickyard 400.

"It was sort of sprinkling a lot," said fan Andrew Barber who came to the race with his dad.

It wasn't that way for long though.  Grey clouds gave way to white ones, sunshine and blue skies.

"Now it's sunny," said Steve Barber, pointing to the sky.

Once the race got underway though, fans stopped thinking about the weather and thought about the action in front of them.

"There's not going to be any rain.  I've done called the forecast.  I'm from Texas. There's not a cloud in the sky," said Chris Hill from Houston, who said this was his first Brickyard 400.

"I think it's great.  It's a beautiful day for racing.  They said we were going to have some bad weather.  It actually turned out.  God opened up the sky and we got a great day," added Zach Saigon.

"I was a little worried, but we waited until a little bit later to make sure it was sunny," said Kim Roberts from Nashville, Indiana.

Once the race was over, fans headed out quickly, hoping to avoid the traffic and the returning grey clouds.

Nothing though, could dampen their excitement.

"The race is always awesome. I come every year.  Jeff Gordon's the man," said Chuck Stephens from Carthage, Indiana.

"It was a great race," said another female fan.

"Great end to the day and now I’m going home," said Grant Squires who said he was glad to see Gordon take the day.