Life carries on despite several inches of snow


Central Indiana residents woke up Thursday morning to several inches of snow to dig out of in order to get around. Some people seemed to enjoy the return of winter, others loathe it.

James Brown enjoys clearing sidewalks with his snow plow, but that's about all he enjoys about the snow and the cold.

"I bought it four years ago, but I haven't used it much. This is actually the second year I've used it since I bought it," Brown said.

He cleared sidewalks in his neighborhood late Thursday morning, but said he wishes it had happened last week.

"That would have been nice. There's nothing like a white Christmas," he said.

You could say the falling flakes sent people running early Thursday morning. Around 6:00 am, a bundled up man got in a morning jog along the Cultural Trail, despite the fact he had to crunch through a few inches of snow.

Others would rather avoid the weather at all costs.

"I was surprised to have this much, because usually they say you're going to get a lot, but you don't," said driver Jackie White on her way to a doctor's appointment.

Others crave this time of year. The owner of Kiska, a seven year old Siberian husky, says she loves the snow.

"This is her birthday week," said Kiska's owner David Wilhelmus. "She thinks it's a gift just for her and we have a hard time bringing her in. She wants to go out and lay in it and lay upside down, roll around in it and put her nose in it like a bulldozer."

With more snow expected in the coming days, Brown is excited to have an escape plan.

"I'm heading to Florida on the 11th," he said. But that's not before the negative lows set in early next week as winter seems like it's here to stay for a while.