Letter from 1969 finally delivered to New York woman

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A New York woman received a special delivery last week.

Susan Heifetz received a birthday card from her late mother 45 years after it was mailed. The envelope was postmarked June 26, 1969, when Susan was just 19 years old.

A tenant living in an apartment where Susan grew up got the card and contacted her.

Susan said when she saw the envelope was sealed with a kiss, she knew right away it was from her late mother.

"Because that was my mother's thing -- to put, to seal it with a kiss. And the tradition has continued with myself and my niece, etc.," Susan said. "I've been crying probably since Wednesday when I got this."

The surprises didn't end there. Three days later, another letter from 1969 was delivered to her old apartment. This one was from an old boyfriend who wrote her while serving in Vietnam. Then the post office discovered a birthday card sent by her brother, also 45 years ago.

Here's the kicker - Susan said she'd been struggling with a decision to move closer to her brother in Las Vegas because she didn't want to leave her parents who were laid to rest in Brooklyn. She said the card from her mom was like a message that her parents would always be with her, so she's packing up to move to Nevada.