Let your fingers do the shopping on Cyber Monday


At the stores it's all footwork on Friday. But on Monday, fingers start flying. It's Cyber Monday.

TIP 1: "Beware of going to the first site you see for a deal," says online shopper Tina Kruse. "Look at other sites and do comparisons."

She says use a search engine to find that e-reader or kid's toy first and see all the competitor's prices at the same time.

TIP 2: An online advisor says "I'm going to be hitting that "refresh" button constantly before the sales start."

That's a good idea, as many web sites have specials marked to start at a specific time. You may need to refresh that browser (F5) to be sure you're linked up and ready to load your cart fast.

TIP 3: "My mom really likes Cyber Monday. I've never been a Cyber Monday person. She tells me what the deals are."

That's great. Experts say don't feel badly about asking a buddy to help with the legwork.

Ruth Osborn says "Probably 75 percent of my shopping will be online." For convenience, she says.

But with mobile internet shopping, be careful. Do you really know the wifi at the laundromat is secure?

TIP 4: Tina likes the ease. "You can go online, click, and it's mailed to you."

But personal finance experts say it's too easy sometimes to lose track of how much you're buying with the "click and buy" feature, so be careful. And use your credit card, not your debit to protect your cash account.

But online is convenient. "For the last two years I've gotten all his Christmas presents online," said Tina, pointing to her son. And she says bundle your orders if you have to to get that free shipping.

"I actually save money shopping online, not just looking for deals but when I go shopping it tends to be one for me, and for somebody else, one for me and one for somebody else."