Lebanon residents fend off worst flooding in 60 years

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Like many communities in central Indiana Friday, Lebanon residents were trying to protect their homes from flood waters.

So much water flowed through neighborhood streets in Lebanon, one man was able to kayak through the intersection.

Near Prairie Creek, which overflowed its banks, water poured into nearby basements. Levi Figley spent all morning monitoring a water pump.

"This morning when I got up at five o'clock, I had about three or four foot of water standing here in the basement," Figley said.

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Matt Shue passed on flood insurance, but not on taking action to keep water out of his house.

"My first thought was to call Menard's and buy some sandbags and hopefully keep the bedroom dry," Shue said.

While some people, amazed by the high waters, took pictures, others took their chances driving through flooded intersections.

But not every driver made it.

"We've had probably four or five rescues already from people who have driven through the flooded areas," said Lebanon Mayor Huck Lewis.

Indiana Ridge Road, next to Prairie Creek, is completely underwater. Residents say it hasn't flooded this badly since the 1950s.

"I have seen it about halfway up, maybe three-fourths, but I have never seen it come up to road level like this. This is amazing," said E.J. Haig.

The Red Cross turned Harney Elementary School into a shelter for flood victims. Mary Spremo went to the shelter after water surrounded her house.

"The plan for me, I guess my son is coming to pick me up and I am going to my daughter's for a little while. I hope I get to go back," Spremo said.

After record flooding and a state of emergency, the streets are getting back to normal, hour by hour.