Lebanon residents continue storm clean-up

Starbucks won't reopen for another three weeks, but you can still get a coffee there.
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Four days after dozens of tornadoes hit Indiana, we're seeing some signs of recovery. Eyewitness News returned to Lebanon to see how residents were coping.

An unofficial estimate pegs the tornado damage in Boone County at $20 million. Residents know they have a long way to go before they get back to normal.

Despite the rain and mud, city crews were back at a south Lebanon neighborhood Thursday scooping up storm debris.

"It hit over there, then it hit our garage and went over the house," said Kimberly Saucier, Lebanon resident.

The tornado swept up the garage, and peeled back part of her home's roof, but thankfully Saucier house is still livable.

"It's stressful. I'm trying to stay positive, be comical and joke. It makes it easier," said Saucier.

Since Sunday, six homes have been condemned and fenced off. Some have furniture and other belongings still inside. Another 20 homes are awaiting or undergoing repairs.

"A lot of neighbors had to find places to live but the important thing is everyone is okay," said Penny Martin.

While Martin's van was crushed by a tree, her home was untouched. Still, looking around, she said, "It's like a disaster area. Part of the Starbucks roof is lying in the yard, but were very lucky."

At the Lebanon Business Park, part of the CNH building is still closed off, with trailers and storm debris in a heap. Across the way, cleanup and repairs continue inside the Skodjt Barrett warehouse. The tornado took out the front wall and shattered windows, causing extensive damage.

Penn Station, closed for two days, is back in business and so is the Starbucks. While the building won't reopen for three weeks, they're selling coffee from a trailer out front.

"Seems like something bad happens and people help pull together and get back to normal," said Steve Detrow, Lebanon.