Lebanon High School students getting laptops

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Students in Lebanon are taking a big leap into the 21st century.

Starting this fall, school officials hope to give every student at Lebanon High School their very own MacBook Air laptops. Students will have their computers 24-7 with access to all current classroom discussions as the information runs through the schools server and security network.

"A side benefit away from the curriculum is in today's world, people use technology. They use technology in almost every job that's out there. You don't want to put that technology away when you're learning. Probably the biggest advantage is our kids will be learning with the technology that they spend their days with away from school and in their professional career someday," said Kevin O'Rourke, Lebanon High School principal.

Instead of book fees, students will pay a technology fee to cover the cost of the $1,000 computer. After four years the school will recycle the laptops.