Lebanon brothers called heroes for saving elderly neighbor

The Law brothers of Lebanon are being hailed as heroes.

It's a cliché, but three brothers in Lebanon say they were just in the right place at the right time to help an elderly neighbor.

Ammon Law, 15 and his brothers Dallin, 13, and Jeremy, 10, are all young men of few words. They listen more than they speak.

It's the brothers' recent actions, though, that have spoken louder than anything they could ever say.

"Anybody would have done the same thing in our situation," said Ammon about a recent incident where he and his two younger brothers were putting out the trash and found their elderly neighbor lady on the ground in the snow during bitter temperatures.

"We went outside and I saw Joyce across the street on the ground," remembered Ammon.

"She was just on the ground and Ammon's, like, 'Are you okay?'," added Dallin.

"It was like -5 degrees, -15 with the wind chill," explained the youngest brother, Jeremy.

"She said she'd been there about five, ten minutes," said Ammon.

"She couldn't get up and we tried to help her up and she said it hurt," continued Jeremy.

"Ammon sent me in to get a phone and call 911 while he tried to keep her calm," recalled Dallin.

"We got gloves and hats and blankets, warmed her up," said Ammon.

That wasn't all. Ammon, a future Eagle Scout, took a cardboard box and slid it under his neighbor.

"It's one of the things I learned in Boy Scouts to keep someone as dry as possible to avoid hypothermia," explained Ammon.

Turns out, all three brothers have been scouts since the first grade and follow certain mottos.

"Be prepared," said Dallin, stating one of those mottos.

"We're taught to use what we have," explained Ammon of his scout training that prepared him for the unexpected emergency.

"I felt like we were fairly prepared," added Dallin.

After the ordeal, Joyce took a little vacation to some place warm and sunny, but she sent the boys a note expressing her gratitude.

"She said she'd never have enough thanks to thank us," remembered Jeremy.

"We just happened to be there. I mean, it was common sense," said Dallin. "Just call 911. Keep her warm."

For the Law brothers, what they did was pretty simple.

"We helped her like normal people would do," said Jeremy.

They said they were just following another one of the Scouts' slogans.

"Do a good turn daily," said Ammon.

It's something all three boys try to live by everyday.

Because of their actions, all three brothers are now nominated for a national heroism award.