Learning about plans to 'Rebuild Indy'

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If you drive on Indianapolis streets, you know the toll this winter has taken on them, as well as your car.  Potholes continue to plague city streets, and although road crews are working to fill them, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard thinks there is a better solution.

We're talking about a $350 million investment.  That's the price tag for "Rebuild Indy 2": a proposal thatMayor Ballard is pushing for infrastructure problems, like potholes.

The severe beating the city's roads have taken this winter is giving Mayor Ballard some momentum with his plan to Rebuild Indy.  Part of that plan would include repaving roads, rather than just filling in holes.

Democrats have been hesitant to support the plan, saying they're not sure it's one the city can afford.  So, what do you think about the "Rebuild Indy" plan?

There is a town hall meeting tonight, where you can learn more about the plan, as well as to let city leaders know what you think about the proposal.  That meeting is at 6:00 p.m. at Hope Community Church, which is located at 7440 Hague Road.