Lawrence pursuit ends in gunfire exchange: Suspect shot

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A man is in the hospital after being shot twice in the leg as an end result of a police chase and an exchange of gunfire with Lawrence Police.

Lawrence officials say 18-year-old William Tisdale fired shots at officers throughout the entire car pursuit. 

Officials initially told WTHR that Tisdale had possibly been involved in a robbery earlier in the day, however, officials now say they believe he was involved in a drive-by shooting on Patton Drive.

Police say that during their investigation of the drive-by shooting early Sunday morning, the vehicle involved in the incident was spotted in the area and a pursuit began.

Police say the driver fired at the pursuing officer as well as officers who were blocking side streets. 

The suspect blew a tire at German Church Road but kept driving and shooting at police until he got out of his car at 56th and Pendleton Pike. 

That's where the exchange of gunfire between Tisdale and police took place at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.  Tisdale was shot twice in the leg.

Initially officials who were not at the scene during the shooting thought Tisdale was shot by police, but later told WTHR that police at the scene said the man was shooting so wildly that they are unsure if he was shot by police or if he shot himself.

He was taken to Wishard Hospital.

No one else was hit with gunfire or hurt in the incident.

One tire on a police car was shot during the pursuit.