Last-minute Christmas shoppers finding deals, flexible hours


The clock is ticking for last-minute holiday shoppers. Some retailers are pulling out all the stops to get you through the door before they close for Christmas.

Armed with a list and sheer determination, Rowland Smith converged on Castleton Square mall bright and early Sunday morning to complete Operation Christmas Shopping.

"When we came into Castleton there was hardly any traffic," said Smith.

Smith was joined by other last-minute shoppers looking for special gifts and big deals.

For the first time, Macy's stayed open for 68 hours to accommodate shoppers at all hours.

"We will also be open tomorrow at 7am until 6pm so we have plenty of merchandise left for everyone," said Brian Scott, Macy's assistant store manager.

While Macy's may be fully stocked, they don't have the one thing Jason Coonce and his daughter are looking for - something that they just can't seem to find anywhere in town.

"Until I find it they said they have some, actually, up in the Hamilton Town center area so we will go up there to find the jacket. Hopefully I make it home before Christmas!" he said.

Most people said they had one last item to pick up. But some were just getting started.

"Some of the deals are better when you wait 'til the last minute," said Brandon Somerville.

"Because I waited until the last minute - normally I don't do this - I found bargains but the sizes, I am having a hard time with," said one shopper.

While it's tempting to give up, it's never worth being the giver of a bad gift. Jelly of the Month Club (à la Christmas Vacation), anyone?

But what about those true procrastinators who still haven't started?

"They better hurry up! It's getting close," said Somerville.

"Maybe check the paper before you head out and look for the sales to make things quicker," said Kevin Anderson.

We asked Doug Leece if it was possible to start shopping Sunday and finish by the deadline.

"Absolutely! That's what Santa does, right?" he said.

Apparently he is right, because we spotted Santa in the mall today too.

Most central Indiana malls, including Greenwood Park and Castleton Square, will be open until 11:00 pm Sunday and from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday.

Macy's will remain open until midnight Sunday and will reopen at 7:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Toys R Us won't close until 10:00 pm Christmas Eve.