Last 2 suspects sentenced for DJ's murder

DJ Thomas Keys
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An Indianapolis mother returned to court Wednesday for the sentencing of the last two people convicted in her son's November 2012 murder.

Prosecutors say five men tortured and killed DJ Thomas Keys after luring him and a friend to an east Indianapolis recording studio. Keys' family asked the judge to show no mercy in sentencing the suspects.

Those who know Keys say he loved music. So when he was offered free studio time at One Stop Media Shop on East 46th Street, he had no idea it was a setup.

"I am just really nervous. I am nervous," said Keys' mother, Debra Watson.

She wanted to be in court when the judge handed down punishment to Dominique Hamler and Dontee Robinson for their part in her son's torture and murder.

"As a mother, it bothers me as well, but that is the choice these kids are making to be behind bars," Watson said.

The pair now joins three other men also convicted in the case. Prosecutors say Keys and a second man were lured to the recording studio. Once inside, the men tortured the pair for hours, bound them with duct tape, zip ties and eventually fatally shot Keys.

The second victim played dead from the gunshots and eventually escaped to a CVS Pharmacy to get help. His mother attended Wednesday's sentencing, too.

"They threatened him for the whole three hours. I don't know how my son made it not for God, because I don't know, as a human being, can I deal with that kind of torture?" said Valerie Finney.

Prosecutors say it was studio owner Carlton Hart who lured Keys to One Stop Media Shop. But during questioning, his story on his whereabouts just didn't add up, including any knowledge about the zip ties found in his studio.

Prosecutors say detectives got their break in the case doing their homework on the zip ties used in the crime. It led them to a Lowe's store.

"Found video at the Lowe's store of the three individuals buying instruments used to bind and torture," said Marion Co. Deputy Prosecutor Ross Anderson.

With prison time adding up to more than 700 years for the five suspects, the family of DJ Thomas Keys says justice has been served.

"They won't be able to get out and hurt nobody else," said Watson.