Las Vegas promoter under scrutiny for Super Bowl party at Children's Museum

An image from last year's event in Dallas.
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A Las Vegas party promoter is forced to stop selling tickets to an adult party advertised for Super Bowl weekend at a local children's facility that actually refused the event. The promoter is now facing legal questions from one of the city's biggest child advocates and the NFL.

Aces and Angels in Dallas during the 2011 Super Bowl featured celebrities, poker and adult entertainment. It was touted as a salute to wounded warriors. The same Las Vegas promoters planned to bring their event to Indianapolis on Friday, February 3rd. It's $150 to get in the door, all the way up to a VIP sky lounge for a thousand dollars.

"No agreement with Aces and Angels was ever signed," said Brian Statz, Vice President and General Counsel for the Children's Museum.

He was surprised at what we found: the Museum's logo and information advertised as the venue for an adult fantasy land promising "100 beautiful hand selected angels to entertain the guests." The women are portrayed as angels with wings, but little else.

With no agreement in place, Statz said it was inappropriate for Aces and Angels to promote their event using any reference to the Children's Museum.

"When we found out that they were doing that we contacted them immediately and told them to stop," said Statz.

Statz says the promoters came to town in late October pushing several ideas, including a children's event a week before the Super Bowl.

"There was talk of having charity gaming to raise money for troops, which we were okay with, as long as it went to the troops," said Statz.

But video of last year's event in Dallas revealed much more - women dressed in high heels and lingerie.

Officials at the Children's Museum have seen the videos too. Those images don't mesh with their reputation as a place for children.

"We told them in no way could they have scantily clad women in our museum," said Statz.

13 Investigates contacted the Las Vegas Executive Producer behind the event.

In an email. Michael Eakman writes: "We are in the process of moving the event to another venue as our liquor sponsors are unable to participate in an event at a children's facility. We will be announcing the new venue next week and once the details are all in place, I would be happy to speak with you."

Now a month out, Eakman is scrambling to find a location for the so called, "kick off event." But he still has some explaining to do with the National Football League for advertising a "Super Bowl XLVI Salute to the Troops."

According to NFL Spokesman, Brian McCarthy, "Neither the NFL nor the Pro Football Hall of Fame is affiliated with this event. Concerning the unauthorized use of 'Super Bowl' to promote this type of event, our legal department is looking into it."

The event producer says no tickets have been sold, but he is not considering canceling the party. He also says he has removed the Children's Museum logos from the Aces and Angels website.

The Indiana National Guard says it was approached by event sponsors, but has made no commitment to the event.