Las Vegas casino seeks to evict raunchy nightclub

Las Vegas casino seeks to evict raunchy nightclub
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A Las Vegas casino is seeking to evict a nightclub it says is too sinful for Sin City.

Officials with the Las Vegas Sands are hoping to terminate their 10-year agreement with The Act nightclub after 10 months of operation. They say the shows at the venue inside the Palazzo are so raunchy they violate obscenity laws.

Internal investigators who visited the club undercover in March reported performers were simulating bestiality and other sex acts on stage.

Officials with the club say the casino knew about the vaudeville-style shows from the beginning. Their lawyers add that sex acts in the show are simulated and therefore don't constitute obscenity.

Experts say the case shows that while Las Vegas markets itself as racy, it's actually somewhat conservative when it comes to sexuality.

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