LaPorte uses $65k grant to tackle lake weed

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A northwestern Indiana group is taking aim at an invasive weed that has spread across area waterways and threatens the region's lake-based economy.

LaPorte Area Lake Association president Don Bowman tells the Herald-Argus the Eurasian milfoil wraps around propellers, tangles paddles and has been washing ashore with fish caught in it.

The city is using a grant of more than $65,000 to clean up the weeds and has hired a Seymour company to treat the lake.

Residents are urged not to use lake water for crops or irrigation for the next 120 days, but workers from Aquatic Control say it is still safe for swimming and fishing.

The lake will get up to four treatments a year. Bowman says it could take several years to eradicate the weed.

Information from: The La Porte Herald-Argus 

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