Lance Stephenson makes Charlotte debut

Lance Stephenson
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Lance Stephenson made his Charlotte Hornets debut this afternoon, officially signing a three-year $27 million deal.

During his news conference, the former Pacer discussed turning the Hornets into a winning franchise, and how a Vegas meeting with Michael Jordan helped convince Lance to leave Indianapolis.

"I went to Vegas and I was very hyped...I just wanted to meet the Hornets and meet Michael Jordan and for me to be there and talk to the guys and what they wanted me to do to help the team. I figured that this was the best fit for me. I'm just happy and ready for the season," he said.

It also sounds like he's looking to break away from the immature antics that plagued him during the season. Lance even said he doesn't want to be remembered as the player who blew in LeBron James' ear (which happened in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals.)

Lance is expected to help the struggling Hornets with three-pointers and all-around high scoring.

Meanwhile, the Pacers are looking to fill in the gap he leaves behind.

C.J. Miles is the immediate replacement for Stephenson in the starting lineup. Miles is a terrific shooter, but not nearly the all-around player Stephenson is. The Pacers obviously lost a good player. On paper, they also lost favorite status in the Eastern Conference to advance to the NBA Finals. We'll see how the summer plays out.