Lafayette police searching for girl seen being forced into car

Woman forced into car in Lafayette

Woman forced into car

Police say a girl was forced into a car near Melbourne and Dearborn in Lafayette.
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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WTHR) - Lafayette Police are searching for a teenaged girl they say was forced into a vehicle Thursday evening.

Police say the girl, aged 17 or 18, was seen being forcefully put into a black or blue two-door Honda Civic by a heavy set white male, who is bald with a goatee. The girl, described as a heavy set white female, was wearing a green t-shirt and tan shorts.

The incident happend around 8 p.m. in the area of Melbourne Road and Dearborn Street. The vehicle left the scene traveling north on Melbourne Road.

A man who lives on the corner saw the whole thing.

"He turned the corner really quick like and I turned around it didn't seem right. So I look to my right and he pulled over on the side of the road and grabbed that girl. I don't know if it was his girlfriend, his wife, his daughter, or what it was, but he was very physical with her, and he put her on the passenger side of the car," said Robert Mann.

If you see the vehicle or the people involved, call 911 or the Lafayette Police Department at 765-807-1200.

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