Kurt Busch crashes during Monday practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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All 33 cars set to start the Indianapolis 500 got out on the track for practice Monday, but the track shut down when IndyCar rookie Kurt Busch hit the wall in turn 2. Now Busch's crew will have to rebuild the car and get it dialed back in before the end of the week.

Busch was involved a fiery crash during practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Monday. He slapped the right side hard, but climbed out of the car.

An hour after the crash, Busch was back in the garage after being checked out by medics.

"I got behind on my adjustments in the car," he told reporters about his rookie crash initiation.

Debris from the crash damaged Ryan Briscoe's headrest.

"I put my head down and hoped I wouldn't take any to the face," Briscoe said.

For the first time, drivers were on the track the Monday after qualifications. Ed Carpenter will be the pole-sitter for next Sunday's Indianapolis 500, and Dallas Mavericks owner and Indiana University graduate Mark Cuban will wave the green flag.

Over 20 cars had been on the track by noon, at lower speeds than the ones seen during qualifying weekend. Monday isn't about looking for top speed. They're looking for race speed, which includes consistency and balance during long runs.

As far as Monday's practice goes, James Hinchcliffe, who starts second next Sunday, was thrilled. "I'm probably the happiest guy they added that because I didn't get any race running during the week. It's a great opportunity to get out of qualifying mode and not have to try and do all of it in one hour on Carb Day. So for me it's just gonna be getting comfortable in traffic, throwing some down force back on the car, seeing how that feels and making sure we've got a fast Honda when we get out there," he said.

Hinchcliffe was looking to put in some laps Monday. He's recovered from a concussion he got during the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis two weeks ago. "I think you'll see us pounding around quite a bit out there. We've got lots of tires sitting around because of the weather. I don't want to waste them. I want to use them!"

By the end of the day, all 33 drivers had put in laps.

Earlier Monday, drivers and their teams posed for a photo shoot, with all 33 drivers with the Borg Warner trophy. Ed Carpenter even posted with Butler Blue III.

Drivers will be on the track until 5:00 pm.

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