Kokomo the epicenter of big gas price fluctuations

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Wild fluctuations in local gasoline prices that are becoming more common across the nation are the most extreme in the north-central Indiana city of Kokomo.

The city about 45 miles north of Indianapolis regularly sees 10-cent or even 20-cent price changes in a single day. GasBuddy.com says Kokomo's gas prices swing on average 5 cents every day and 16 cents every week. Those are the nation's biggest fluctuations, followed by those in Flint, Mich.

Jim Brooks works at Kokomo's Chrysler transmission plant and says that if he doesn't have to buy gas in Kokomo, he doesn't.

Gas price volatility is most pronounced in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. The price swings are the result of a national fuel system fed by fewer refineries and which has increased gas supply fluctuations.

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