Kokomo restaurant vows to rebuild after tornado


Neighbors are banding together after tornadoes struck the City of Kokomo on Sunday.

Toula Volikas-Linville served up breakfast, lunch and dinner to 100 people a day at Louie's Coney Island. The restaurant has a 60-year history, but that popularity and tradition offered no protection Sunday when tornado hit.

Part of the restaurant's roof is gone, insulation hangs from what's left of the ceiling and debris is everywhere.

Sophia Volikas, Toula's mother, met her husband as a teen. They married and raised a family and worked side by side.

"He was good to the people. He loved the people. People loved him. He was a good person. Feeds a lot of people. She does the same thing now," said Volikas.

Toula now runs the place after moving it from downtown to a new site at the Markland Mall.

"They used to stand out the doors downtown but it was small. Here, they still stand out the doors," said Chris Linville, Toula's husband.

But not on Sundays. Louie's is closed on Sundays and the store was empty when the tornado hit. No one was hurt, but incomes are impacted starting now..

"We'll just have to work it out with insurance and things like that," said Toula. But she agreed that every day out of business will cost money.

Toula will rebuild, repairing her father's coffee pot and finding a new place to hang her father's picture.

"I think everything is going to work for her because she is a very good worker and people love her and I hope everything works for her," said Sophia Volikas.