Kokomo patients locked out by troubled doctors

Edith Hughes
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A Kokomo woman says she's desperately seeking a doctor.

Edith Hughes was a patient at a Kokomo medical center where the doctors are under investigation. She says she is in constant pain and it has been 17 days since her prescription ran out.

Hughes and her son were born with a disease called neurofibromatosis. Doctors have told her there is no cure and the treatment options are limited.

"I have some in the brain stem carotid artery, I have two brain tumors, my son has four brain tumors...inoperable," said Hughes.

Across her lower back is a scar from three of her 43 surgeries to remove tumors. The tumors have disabled them both. Tumors that have invaded her son's body have altered his eyesight, speech and ability to learn. The non-malignant tumors, that can not be removed will, according to their doctor, eventually take over their body. One surgeon has told her she may lose her right leg and she says, "as far as the spinal cord goes, there is nothing they can do for it."

Her doctor, Dr. Marilyn Wagoner, treated her pain until recently when the doctor was arrested.

"Her whole practice has ruined my life, ruined my son's life, ruined my family's life, because I have to watch my son. You know, it is really hard," said Hughes.

According to the Attorney General, Wagoner and her husband Don over-prescribed dangerous medications that resulted in the deaths of at least 27 patients. The Wagoner Medical Clinics became know as the place to get prescription drugs for the wrong reasons.

Now, other area doctors will not take the Wagoners' former patients that are taking pain medication. According to Hughes, the Wagoner's alleged actions have criminalized their patients.

"I can understand their situation, I can, but I mean it is not fair to single out. I mean, when I'm sitting there crying and I'm rocking back and forth and I'm sweating and I have been throwing up all day," said Hughes.

Hughes is not alone.

Eyewitness News has been told several other patients are having the same trouble - a doctor that is in trouble. In addition to the all the felonies that the Wagoners currently face, they could have more legal trouble coming their way. The families of some their former patients are considering wrongful death civil suits against the Wagoner's and their staff.

Hughes has not been able to get the Wagoners' clinic to release her medical records. The doctors' office in Kokomo has a sign out front stating they are closed due to circumstance out of their control.