Kokomo flooding called "worst on record"


The water rescue from a house we watched Friday was one of several performed by Kokomo firefighters Friday.

The Liggett's had hoped to hunker down at home, but decided not to spend the night.

"I did want to, but once they turned the power off, it was time to get out of there," said one of the Liggett family.

Wildcat Creek turned wild on a downtown Kokomo neighborhood. "The water was so bad it rose quite a bit," said one man forced out of his home into a shelter.

City of Kokomo officials called the flooding "worst on record".

Across from Memorial Gym, the water came up so fast, many people couldn't get their cars out in time. Some were totally swamped.

"I'm just so excited Kokomo fire got us out in a boat and got us here safely," said flood victim Felicia Young. "I've never been through this before," she said at a Red Cross shelter.

And the victims were not all human. Amanda went into one house where three puppies were trapped in rising water. "Barely fighting for their lives," said Kareem Dunn. "All you could see was their noses sticking up out of their cages."

Dunn carried each dog from a relatives house to a rescue boat.

"Dogs are man's best friends," said Dunn. I would not leave a human in there, so I most definitely would not leave a dog in there."