Kitten rescued from drainpipe near Park Tudor School


INDIANAPOLIS - A rescue was underway Wednesday for kittens trapped underground. Those kittens were stuck for more than 48 hours in a drainpipe near Park Tudor School. One of the kittens was successfully rescued.

Librarian Susanne Russell turned cat whisperer as she tried to coax three kittens from a storm drain.

"It's sad when you can hear them meowing," said student Ellee Moyer.

It started Monday when staff members noticed the resident feral cat they'd been trying to catch had kittens.

"All of the sudden I looked up on Monday and I saw this little ball of fur - kitten - and I thought the mommy kitty was dead. And I stepped right there and three babies just jumped right into the pipe," said Barb Skelton, Park Tudor.

They tried several methods to get the kittens out, including putting strips of carpet down the pipe.

With time running out, a plumbing company arrived to run a sewer camera down the drainage pipe. Initially they didn't see anything.

Then one of the kittens came into view walking down the pipe right up to the camera.

They dug a three-foot hole near the camera hoping to cut the pipe and pull out at least one of the kittens.

"If you had a dog, you wouldn't want it trapped down there either. Even though they don't have an owner, they're still animals. They still should get rescued," said Moyer.

At around 5:30 pm, one of the kittens was rescued from the pipe. It's believed the other two cats died.

If you see a feral cat in your neighborhood, contact Indy Feral. For a minimal fee, they'll help you trap the cat so it can be spayed or neutered and then released back into the neighborhood.