Key minutes of Carmel HS bus assault video missing

Pat Baldwin, Hendricks County prosecutor

Hendricks County - Part of the school bus video is missing that could show what happened the night a Carmel High School Basketball student says he was attacked on the team bus.

Hendricks County Prosecutor Patricia Baldwin charged former players Brandon Hoge and Robert Kitzinger with battery in the case Monday. In an exclusive interview, Baldwin told 13 Investigates that some data from the video is missing.

"There are some minutes on the one camera and about a minute on the other camera that are lost or like a gap, but it's not because of any kind of tampering or because somebody tried to do something. It's just the way the computer is taking in the video it's filming. It's at times where we would have liked to have been able to see," said Baldwin.

Only a select group of attorneys and investigators have seen what's described as dark, grainy and shadowy images from the cameras that were rolling inside the bus. Despite the gap, Baldwin says the images available are consistent with the grand jury testimony and case report.

"It shows what people said that it would show," she said.

Baldwin says the video helped lead to the misdemeanor battery charges now filed against those two former players.

"Which is touching someone in a rude, insolent or angry matter. The most you could go to jail on that is 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, or, obviously, no jail time or no fine," Baldwin said.

The next court date is set for December 30, but the prosecutor says in the meantime, she is actively talking with the former player's attorneys.