Kevin Ware released from Indianapolis hospital

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The University of Louisville basketball player who suffered a devastating leg injury Sunday night was released from the hospital Tuesday.

Kevin Ware underwent more than two hours of surgery to repair a broken leg. Most people with this type of injury would stay put, but Kevin Ware has a busy week ahead. After being released Tuesday, he returned to Louisville, where he rejoined his teammates at their practice facility.

In a photo released by the hospital, Ware, surrounded by his girlfriend and parents, was all smiles as he left for Louisville.

"Back to my brothers I go," he tweeted Tuesday.

While Ware was tweeting up a storm, Methodist hospital discharged it's now famous patient quickly, quietly and out of sight.

Two hours later, the college sophomore arrived at the University of Louisville. His mother Louise carrying the Midwest Regional championship trophy.

On Twitter, Ware wrote, "I'm good, Just ready for rehab. Appreciate the support." He added, "Never thought I'd be the talk of the country."

Ware even received get-well wishes from some famous NBA players.

"Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family," said Kobe Bryant on Twitter.

"May you have a speedy recovery, kid, and come back even stronger," tweeted Lebron James.

Numerous photos have shown a smiling Kevin Ware in his hospital bed, including one picture from Monday where he is giving the "L" sign for the University of Louisville. He was even up on crutches for a period yesterday, just hours after what many said was one of the worst injuries they've ever witnessed in sports.

During Sunday's regional championship game in Indianapolis, much of the nation watched live as Ware suffered a horrifying injury while trying to block a shot. His ordeal and reassuring words to his teammates and mother who was watching from home made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

His family is grateful.

"It's awesome. All that love he's getting and recognition, because he's been a great basketball player for years. They'll see him when he comes back going even harder," said his sister, Brittany.

Ware's mother saw the injury happen. Like many fans, she was watching from her home in Atlanta.

"As a mom, we're used to fixing everything for our kids. And the fact that I couldn't fix it, let alone be there, was more of the issue with me. I was more devastated because I couldn't look at him or speak to him right then and there to see if he was okay," said Lisa Junior.

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Lisa Junior has been at her son's side and has assured us that he's not only doing well, he's doing great. He is not thinking about the injury as much as he is focusing on the future, and the future looks good according to doctors here at IU Health Methodist.

"We don't know why this happened, it was a freak accident, but at the end of the day, I believe that there is a reason for it all. Maybe it's not for him, maybe he'll have to pass this testimony on to someone else, but I believe it will make him a better person, a stronger person and I have no doubt he'll be back bigger and stronger," she said.

He faces about a year of recovery, but they say there's a very good chance he'll play basketball again. Ware intends to stick with the team and travel to Atlanta as the Louisville Cardinals play in the Final Four this weekend.