Kettle bell workout spreads worldwide from Fishers gym

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A new group fitness class headquartered in Indiana is rapidly expanding internationally.

Laura Wilson debuted her KettleWorX class at Lifetime Fitness in Fishers last month.

"We are going to hit every muscle in your body from here to here. Are you in with me?" Wilson asked a recent class.

The class has become so popular, you better get there early to get your choice of the five-, ten- and 20-pound kettle bells for class.

New workout concepts like KettleWorX are intriguing to WTHR Meteorologist Kelly Greene.

"I've been a group fitness instructor since 1995. I've taught step water aerobics and now I teach Zumba and Zumba Kids," Greene said.

Those are workouts with the brand recognition Wilson aspires to. She plans to do it with three kinds of 30-minute workouts - core, cardio and resistance.

"It's really about the amazing results that I have sen. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years and this truly has changed not just my cardio fitness level, but the shape of my body after ten years," Wilson said.

Her core classes start with sit-ups. The crunches are intensified with weight. The weights make wood chops and balance more challenging.

"It's actually harder than it looks," said 62-year-old Bob Barrett.

Wilson checks her class for cues, including how they react to the music, transitions and instructions, so she can tweak the format taught to KettleWorX master trainers.

"The programming that we test market, that I am test marketing here in Fishers, is literally the programming that goes out to the entire world. Every KettleWorX trainer, every KettleWorX club, they do what these members are helping to develop," Wilson said. "We already have launched KettleWorX in Australia and we are looking to expand into Canada."

She says her team is talking with countries in the Middle East, with a goal of KettleWorX classes in 80 countries within two years.

"It's a high goal, but it' the rate we are growing right now, it's not completely unachievable," Wilson said.

Wilson also stars in the KettleWorX eight-week rapid evolution home DVD workout series, which will be released this fall.

Greene likes going to the gym and feels fortunate Wilson teaches here.

"She's got it. She is a great instructor, she's very encouraging and positive," Greene said.

She found the class difficult, but doable, and most of all, appreciates the time efficiency.

"That is what I love about this new format, because a typical strength-training class is 60 minutes long and you can knock this out in 30," she said.

Lifetime Fitness has KettleWorX classes Monday through Thursdays.

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