Kentucky mother, daughter face long recovery after fair tragedy

Jade and Shannon Walcott

INDIANAPOLIS - A mother and daughter injured during the collapse and separated ever since were reunited Thursday. They both face a long recovery and the ten-year-old girl remains in critical condition.

They are surviving the tragedy thanks to the work of doctors and the prayers of people they've never met.

In a picture taken just before the concert, Shannon Walcott and her 10-year-old daughter Jade are smiling from ear to ear. They were at the concert to hear Jade's favorite Sugarland song, Stuck Like Glue.

After the collapse, the two were separated. It took a near-miraculous chain of events for Jade to survive and for the two to be reunited.

"I'm going to have my list of blessings published somewhere somehow, so people can know there's faith," said Colleen Berger, Shannon's mother and Jade's grandmother.

When the stage collapsed, Shannon and her daughter were underneath it. Jade was unconscious. Shannon was not and she was able to call for help.

"She was able to say, 'my ten-year-old daughter is under there,'" said Berger.

That's all it took for the dozens who were lifting the rigging and crawling underneath to find Jade and pull her out.

"I cannot thank bystanders enough for rallying around and helping," said Berger.

Jade suffered a traumatic head injury and is in a medical coma at Riley. Shannon is at Wishard with a broken pelvis.

Last night a vigil was held in their honor in their hometown, Erlanger, Kentucky. near Cincinnati.

"The physical pain has got to be enormous, but the only pain I see is because she can't see Jade," said Trisha Kissell, relative.

But Thursday, after five days apart, mother and daughter were reunited.

"She was able to be wheeled over to see her daughter for the first time since prior to the stage collapse," said

They are finally together and now are facing a lengthy recovery.

"I want you all to pray that Jade recovers and can get up there on that stage with Sugarland and sing with them her favorite song," said Berger.

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