Keeping you safe from the storm

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Tornadoes can strike any time, but they're especially prevalent in the spring. That's why you need to have a plan in place for you and your family.

This is severe weather preparedness week.

During this ''Severe Weather Preparedness Week", the Red Cross suggests having an emergency kit, with a flashlight and batteries, a first aid kit, a blanket and gloves, as well as non perishable food items and a three day supply of drinking water.  That's a gallon a day for each member of your family. Of course, it's also critical to take shelter.

The devastating EF-4 tornado in southern Indiana just over two weeks ago is a reminder of how important it is to have a plan. Tragically, 13 people lost their lives, but experts say it would have been much worse if people hadn't taken shelter. As far as that emergency kit, it includes the essentials, including copies of important personal documents like birth certificates. Even things like prescription medication, toiletries and pet food.

Ann Gregson with the American Red Cross says, "When you're thinking about putting it together, most of the stuff that is in an emergency preparedness kit is already in your home. All you have to do is put it in one location so you can find it. And put it somewhere you can grab it and go, should you need to evacuate."

If you want, you can buy prepared kits. At American Red, you can find a variety of emergency preparedness gear including complete kits, hand crank radios and flash lights.