Keeping kids safe while they trick-or-treat

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The city of Indianapolis is seeing an increase in pedestrian accidents, just as children are preparing to hit the streets tonight to celebrate Halloween.

Since Halloween was delayed due to severe weather, kids will be 'chomping at the bit' to get big bags full of candy... and that is even more reason to remember this night can be a scary one for all the wrong reasons.

Pedestrians being hit by cars has been a troubling problem in the past year.  Thursday night, a 58-year-old woman was hit by a car while walking near 10th Street and Arlington Avenue.  The driver who hit her says his windows were fogged up and he couldn't see the woman crossing.  She's in serious condition at an Indianapolis hospital this morning.

Last year, the Indianapolis area saw 294 crashes involving pedestrians, 20 of them were fatal. This year, while the number of fatalities is down so far, the number of crashes are up 6 percent. 

And tonight, it's children who are at risk of being hit while they cross the street, looking for candy.

Serifatu Walton is with "Safe Kids Indianapolis": "Halloween is the most dangerous night for children as pedestrians. So, there are things we need motorists and parents to do to help keep children safe."

Adult supervision is the most important key for trick or treating tonight. Kids will get excited, and may not follow rules of the road like crossing at intersections.

And keep in mind, depending on the costume, their visibility can be limited due to their masks (if they have one).

Some helpful additions to their costumes tonight could be some glow sticks, flashlights, and reflective tape, just to make sure they are easily visible to drivers.