Kayakers rescued from White River in Indianapolis


Two kayakers are safe after getting rescued from the White River near Riverview and Meridian on the Indianapolis north side.

A man and woman got trapped in the debris far from shore amid rushing waters.

Firefighters who usually do this type of rescue were at the recycling plant fighting the huge blaze Saturday.

Fire crews brought a rescue boat, but decided not to go in because of the fast water. They lowered a firefighter from a fire truck parked on the bridge on Meridian Street. They rescued each of the kayakers one at a time.

"It's a rush. My adrenaline was kicking in. I was holding my breath just waiting to see them do their job. They do know what they're doing - they train for this. I'm glad we have guys out there like this," said Shoshanah Riley, witness.

The kayakers were plucked to safety after waiting about 90 minutes below. They appeared to be uninjured.