Jury seated for David Bisard trial

David Bisard
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Twelve jurors and three alternates have been selected Tuesday to serve on the trial for Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David Bisard.

The jury consists of seven men and five women. The three alternate jurors consist of one man and two women.

"I think it is a relief we have a jury selected and alternates selected and now we know we are going to be going to trial starting tomorrow," said Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson.

Opening statements and testimony is scheduled to begin Wednesday morning in Allen Superior Court.

Attorneys quizzed scores of potential jurors. Some knew of the controversial case others had previous commitments. One woman is getting married this weekend, many could not afford to spend up to four weeks in the jury box.

Julia Bridges seemed relieved the jury was seated before her name was called.

"I'm probably relieved, because it interferes with my life and it is a big decision," she said.

Bisard faces nine criminal counts for causing an August 2010 crash that resulted in the death of motorcyclist Eric Wells and critically injured two others, Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills.

The judge has ruled two vials of blood showing Bisard was legally drunk hours after the fatal crash can be used against him at his trial. The vials have been the subject of a drawn-out legal debate in the more than three years since Bisard's patrol car plowed into the motorcycles stopped at a traffic light in 2010.

The case is complicated with questionable police procedures, improperly handled evidence and the conflicting opinions of the experts.

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