Jury hears audio evidence in David Bisard crash

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Jurors asked for an audio tape to be re-played just before noon of Officer David Bisard's radio responses before and after the crash. Approximately an hour later, word came from the court of a verdict. Clearly the audio tape was one of the last pieces of evidence taken under consideration.

13 Investigates obtained a copy of that audio tape and allowed us to hear what jurors heard before making their decision. They found Bisard guilty on all counts related to the August 6, 2010 crash.

The audio has been closely guarded. In fact, our crews in Fort Wayne were not allowed to record it. We were able to get it by other means.

The dispatch tape begins with an officer looking for a wanted man. Officer Bisard gets on the radio to ask if he's needed. An officer tells him he doesn't know if the suspect is even still in the area. There was no sense of urgency.

Bisard says he will "roll that way." We now know that meant traveling up to 76 mph with lights and sirens.

Within four minutes, he was back on the radio to say he had crashed.

Here's what the jury heard:

Officer David Bisard: "Control K seventeen"

Control Operator Triblet: "K seventeen"

Bisard: "I need a medic rush to…56 and Brendon Park Way. I've been involved in a PI accident. I've hit a motorcycle and there's two people down, actually there's three people down."

Control: "Clear."

Officer Bradley Millikan: "Back one thirty-six on that please."

Officer Christine King: "Back one twenty-two also."

Bisard: "Rush, please rush."

Control: "Eleven twenty-one"

Koers: "One fifty-one, I closed this out, I didn't see them. I'm going to go to K seventeen."

Harmon: "Ok, control Adam one-five-one I'm ten-eight as well. Back me up to K seventeen."

Control: "One fifty-one."

Bisard: "Control, I need them rush, please." (moaning in background)

Control: "I'm clear. You're 56 and Brendon Park?"

Bisard: "Yes."

Control: "They've been ordered. They're en route."

Bisard: "People are critical here."

Millikan: "Control one thirty-six, this is a possible."

Control: "Clear."

Officer John (Mark) Archer: "K seventeen K nineteen, do you need me to come get your dog?"

Bisard: "…I don't know Mark I, I…come here if you would…please." (Peterson can be heard in background giving directions to Tom Stout)

Archer: "I'm en route."

None of the jurors would speak about their decision after the verdict, so we don't know exactly what they were looking for.

Just after an hour of requesting that audio. The guilty verdict on all nine charges was reached.